Archer: Adding Featured Posts to the footer

With the Archer theme, you have the option of adding three featured posts to the footer of the blog. When activated, it looks like this:

To add this section:

1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize, then select the Widgets tab.

2. Click on the Footer tab.

3. Click Add a Widget, then select the Archer: Featured Posts Widget.

4. You can use the Title field to add a section title (such as “Featured Now”). You can also use the dropdown to only show posts from a particular category.

Here is a video showing you how to do this:

Our favorite way to control the posts in this section? 

Create a new category called “Featured,” then assign it to three posts you wish to feature in the section. Next, head back to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Footer, then select “Featured” from the dropdown list of categories. In the future, simply remove the “Featured” category from your three posts, and apply it to new ones, to easily change out the content in this area!