Adding caption overlays to images

Many of our themes include styling for an image caption overlay box. This allows you to write copy and embed links directly over images in your posts, which can help highlight particular features of the photo. Here’s a link to a post where you can see an example of this in action. Here are screenshots that illustrate the look of a caption overlay too:


The benefit of using the captions feature is you can highlight affiliate links directly over specific photographs, or add additional details about an image (such as a link to a hotel, restaurant, or other service you’re highlighting!).


1. To write a caption overlay, you’ll begin by uploading an image as you normally would to your post.

2. With the image in your Media Library, select it, then write the text for your caption in the Caption box on the right. When you finish typing in your caption text (without links!), click Insert into Post. Don’t worry about adding links quite yet! Here is a video showing you how to complete steps 1 and 2:

3. With the image and caption now inserted into your post, you can highlight specific pieces of text to add links.

4. When you preview your post, you will see the caption box styled, and with the “jacket” link we just added in place!