Colors Tab (Rania only)

In our Rania theme, the Theme Customizer features a tab which allows you to customize various color aspects in the theme. You do not need to purchase our Color Pack plugins in order to edit or add color in Rania.

To edit Rania’s colors, from your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Colors. Use the prompts to begin editing the colors.


Link Colors: 
Impacts color and hover effects for links embedded into posts, pages, and in sidebar text widgets. It will also change the color of social media icons in the Rania: Social widget when used in an interstitial or the sidebar.

Button Colors: 
Impacts most rectangular buttons around the site, such as the “read more” calls to action. With these settings, edit the background color of the button, the button text color, as well as button hover effects.

Navigation Colors: 
Impacts Primary menu links and hover colors (the menu underneath your logo), as well as the Top Left/Top Right background, link, and hover colors (the menu(s) above your logo). Note that color settings for your Top menu will translate to your scrolling/”sticky” menu, as well as any dropdown menus.

Accent Colors: 
Impacts the background colors of Interstitials #1, #2, and the Footer area. Also allows you to change the color of the line that appears after certain widget titles.


  • The color selectors allow you to pick a color on the fly! However, if you’ve worked with a designer and have specific color hex codes (example: #f89jk2), you can copy and paste them into each selector too.
  • If you previously used our Color Pack plugins and would like to use those same colors in Rania, find the corresponding hex code colors for those packs, here.