ISSUE: I use a theme not made by EmPress, and Shop the Post isn't displaying in my blog/archive feed

Themes created by EmPress will automatically integrate the Shop the Post feature to display your widget on your blog home and archive feeds.

For themes not created by EmPress:

Our Shop the Post plugin is designed to display affiliate widget codes from ShopStyle or LTK on your blog home and archive feeds. It also automatically displays your code at the end of your post content. To do this, it displays the code after the post excerpt or post content. This means that if your blog template does not show an excerpt on the blog home or archive page, it won’t show the shop the post code either.

To display the Shop the Post content, you will need to edit your theme files. Add the following line of code where you would like the Shop the Post content to appear:

<code><?php if( function_exists('em_shop_the_post')) { em_shop_the_post(); } ?>