Change the number of posts on Home Page or Archival pages

WordPress allows users to change the number of posts that appear on your Home Page, as well as on archival pages. Archival pages include category pages (i.e., if a user clicks on a category like “style,” the page template that loads is a category archival page), or recent posts in your main feed (i.e., those that users access by clicking “older posts” from the Home Page).


1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Reading.

2. Look for the line that reads Blog pages show at most ____ posts. Update your preferred number of posts per page here, then click Save Changes.

3. That’s it! You’re all set.

Watch this short video to see how to access this setting:

While you can edit this setting easily, customers who have purchased the Miramar theme should note that the theme has a featured content block that breaks up the post feed on the Home Page.  We recommend choosing an even number of posts to display, so that the posts will fall evenly on either side of the interstitial.